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Vieira de Sousa Port Beginner-Case

899 kr
This lovely mixed case is the perfect introduction to port. All ports come from the talented winemaker Luisa Borges who makes her ports under the brand Vieira de Sousa. The box includes 2 bottles each of the Fine Ruby Port , the Fine Tawny Port and the Fine White Port.

The Ruby Port has a dark ruby color with pleasant aroma of red fruits and plums and the mouth-feel is soft with smooth tannins.

The Fine Tawny Port is a blend of different lots aged between 5 and 10 years on oak. Elegant and sweet yet fresh in flavor.

The FIne White Port goes great chilled as an aperitif (even as a long drink with tonic and twist of lemon) but also excellent at the end of a meal. Has a slightly oxidized feel to it due to the production method.  Nuts and almonds with a fresh touch on the palate and a concentrated finish.  

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