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Cellers Carol Valles

This family owned Cava producer on the outskirts of Sant Sadurni D'Anoia, close to Subirats, have for generations made cava for themselves and friends of the family. In 1996 they decided that it was time to share their precious home-made Cava with the world and they started selling it to others as well.

Despite making the Cava commercially availably Cellers Carol Valles have kept the same philosphy they had since the early days. The manufacturing process is still very much manual to ensure the quality that Joan Carol i Parellada, the owner, requires. In general very little or no sugar is added to the cavas after the second fermentation as Joan believes strongly in letting the grapes and the terroir speak and after having tasted the cavas it is understandable that it is the way he wants to work. The production is also focused on keeping a natural approach and the use of pesticides is avoided.

They have two brands on the market today, the entry level brand Parellada Faura and the Guillem Carol brand. There is wide variety of different cavas offered but what they all have in common is the quality is at the forefront. None of the cuvees produced are less than Reserva (which means that it has been aged at least 15 months) and many are Gran Reservas.